Tuesday – Schedule change, E-mails, Pull-up Rig, CrossFit Open


Ok, it seems pretty universal that people prefer the after noon classes to begin 30 minutes later.   So starting today, the weekday afternoon hours will be as follows:

4:30pm – Conditioning

5:30pm – Open Gym

6:30pm – Conditioning

7:30 – Barbell Club

Again, we are spending this month working out the kinks, so if this proves to be impractical, keep the feedback coming and we can always make alterations.

We have heard from our supplier that our pull-up rig and some other equipment shipped yesterday and will hopefully be here by week’s end.  If anyone feels like screwing holes in concrete this weekend let me know!

Also, the CrossFit Open begins tomorrow.  We have gotten a bit side tracked with everything going on, but the Open is a lot of fun to do and I highly recommend that everyone gives it a shot.  To register, go online at http://games.crossfit.com/ and when creating your profile make sure you list yourself as “Unaffiliated,” then join our team “Capitol City Strength and Conditioning” (it will be the first one in the drop down menu). If anyone has any question about this, let me know.  We will probably try to fit the workouts into the normal conditioning schedule anyways, so you might as well sign up and see how you do!

Lastly, if you or anyone you know has tried to contact us through the E-mail link on the right side of the website, I have not received them due to some bugs.  It should be up and running now.


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