Friday – January 2018 PRs

Hey All!

The month of January has come to a close, which means the Cap City Strength Monthly PR Board has been reset! I want to give a big CONGRATS to everyone who achieved a PR this month and to the entire Cap City Strength family for putting in so much hard work and dedication! Here’s a recap of all of Cap City Strength’s January PRs:

Steven: 27:35 5K Row, 55kg Snatch 1 Rep Max, 75kg Clean and Jerk 1 Rep Max

Owen: 246lb Bench Press 1 Rep Max

Stacy & Frank: 70kg Front Squat 1 Rep Max, 68kg Overhead Squat 1 Rep Max, 28:20 Cap City Triathlon, 210lb Back Squat 1 Rep Max

Rachel: 25:10 Cap City Triathlon

Eli: 105kg Snatch 1 Rep Max (correction from pic)

Marlena: 305lb Back Squat 1 Rep Max, 140lb Bench Press 1 Rep Max, 406lb Deadlift 1 Rep Max

Jessica: 185lb Back Squat 1 Rep Max, 115lb Bench Press 1 Rep Max, 250lb Deadlift 1 Rep Max

Michael R: 315lb Back Squat 1 Rep Max, 280lb Bench Press 1 Rep Max, 355lb Deadlift 1 Rep Max

Julianne: 25:18 Cap City Triathlon

Marlo: 117lb Bench Press 1 Rep Max, 230lb Back Squat 1 Rep Max

Sommer: 275lb Deadlift 1 Rep Max, 205lb Back Squat 1 Rep Max, 86lb Bench Press 1 Rep Max

Remember ANYTHING can be a PR, not just a 1 rep max on a lift. So, make sure you write down your first strict pull up, the first time you did 5 push ups in a row, the first time you ran a full 400m lap without stopping, your first free-standing handstand, graduating to the 35lb kettlebell for swings, etc.

I updated the Cap City Strength Record Board with everyone’s 1 Rep Maxes from this month last weekend (sorry for the late post, I’ve been sick with the flu).

Keep up the hard work everyone, and let’s keep that PR ball rolling into February!!!


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