Friday – August 2017 PRs

Hey All!

The month of August has come to a close, which means the Cap City Strength Monthly PR Board has been reset! I want to give a big CONGRATS to everyone who achieved a PR this month and to the entire Cap City Strength family for putting in so much hard work and dedication! Here’s a recap of all of Cap City Strength’s August PRs:

Emily: 190lb Back Squat 1 Rep Max, 115lb Bench Press 1 Rep Max

Julianne: 110lb Bench Press 1 Rep Max, 8:36 2K Row

Kevin: 425lb Deadlift 1 Rep Max

Owen: 86 Reps in the Back Squat Challenge, 24:42 Cap City Tri, 1:11.92 400m Run, 4 Bar Muscle Ups

Sean: 23:24 Cap City Tri

Jen: 62 Reps in the Back Squat Challenge

Jeanette: 190lb Deadlift 3 Rep Max

Remember ANYTHING can be a PR, not just a 1 rep max on a lift. So, make sure you write down your first strict pull up, the first time you did 5 push ups in a row, the first time you ran a full 400m lap without stopping, your first free-standing handstand, graduating to the 35lb kettlebell for swings, etc.

I will update the Cap City Strength Record Board with everyone’s 1 Rep Maxes from this month tomorrow morning.

Keep up the hard work everyone, and let’s keep that PR ball rolling into September!!!



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